At PT Zeus Kimiatama Indonesia (ZEKINDO), we recognize the importance and value of sound corporate governance practices and high ethical standards.

ZEKINDO’s core values contain 7 foundation policies and also guiding principles, related procedures and open door communication.

  1. Integrity
    · Honesty
    · Principled ethical behavior at all times
    · Admit mistakes, accept responsibility
  2. Respect for Others
    · Everyone is important
    · Fairness and respect to everyone
    · Open communication without fear
  3. Customer Focus
    · Accurate, prompt, quality response every time
    · Active listening and understanding customer needs
    · Deliver value and quality
    · Positions our self as part of our customer team
  4. Organizational Discipline
    · Work and live safely
    · Self-discipline
    · Focus
    · Hold to commitments
    · Do your best
    · Take initiative, make a difference
    · Confront the facts however difficult
    · Set high expectations
  5. Accountability for Results
    · Plan well, get it right the first time
    · Action plan – execute
    · Learn from mistakes – identify root cause of problems and correct
    · Do what is right
    · Confront problems
    · Know the details
  6. Teamwork
    · One team one goal
    · Value your co-workers
    · Easy to help
    · Individual succeed is nothing if doesn’t contribute to overall team result
    · Recognize success
  7. Pride and Enthusiasm
    · Everything we do benefits society!
    · ZEKINDO is a reflection of each employee
    · ZEKINDO is our Company!
    · ZEKINDO is our future!